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CAV Aerospace - As the largest airframe manufacturers strive to integrate their systems and installation of the core areas of expertise. We are looking for suppliers of such size to become partners for long term business, with the ability to provide anything from the smallest, easiest-to-end services support the design and production of structural components.

Diamond Aircraft Industries is the Austrian manufacturer of general aviation airplanes and gliders. The company produces a wide range of light aircraft and is actively involved in the development of single-engine jet planes - Diamond D-Jet. It has a large manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada.

Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of innovative aircraft piston engines and a supplier for well-known manufacturers of general aviation airplanes. As a manufacturer and supplier of advanced technology and engine components, Thielert also sets a new standard in car racing and the construction of prototypes.

Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o. PZL Mielec, a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is the largest aircraft manufacturer in Poland, expanding production profile for the production of aircraft structures and production of helicopters.

Aquila Aerosystems is a consulting company supporting the defense industry. The company provides consulting services in the areas of business development, project support, systems integration, human factors, management, research and training of flight crew.

AgustaWestland to Italian-British company which designs and manufactures helicopters. It was created in July 2000 when Finmeccanica SpA holding (Italy) and GKN plc (United Kingdom) agreed to combine its subsidiaries engaged in the production of helicopters Agusta and Westland Helicopters to form AgustaWestland. Since 2010, AW is the owner of a Polish manufacturer of helicopters - PZL-Swidnik.

XtremeAir was founded in December 2005 by President Harro Moewes. The company has two main areas of operation:

• Aircraft XA 41 and XA 42: the design, production and distribution
• Composite construction parts, prototyping and manufacturing